Coffee is Beautiful.


They're back.

Our most-loved pastry from our days as a full cafe, Galette Des Rois, are available for the 2021 Mardi Gras Season through a partnership with our friends at The Hope Farm. Learn more.

A French-Inspired Specialty Roastery for a French-Settled City

We believe that if you don’t like black coffee, maybe you just haven’t tried the right one yet.

Because of the differences in climate, elevation, and soil quality where the coffee plant is grown, coffees grown in different regions of the globe can have notably distinct flavors. We roast our coffee in a way that brings out these inherent flavors, rather than dark-roasting and covering up what makes each coffee unique. Our roastery seeks out responsibly-sourced coffees, and strives to roast and brew them in a way that honors the hard work that was put in by those who farmed it.

Our Roastery

1714 Dauphin St
Mobile, AL 36604

Mondays & Thursdays 10-2


My new favorite spot in midtown. Such a wonderful and unique addition. Great staff, great coffee, great desserts, great atmosphere. You should definitely check it out. Like now. Go.

Amanda L., Facebook

The best quality coffee in town and the baked goods are always fantastic and taste as good as they look. I’d give this place more than five stars if I could. Great service and staff, as well.

E.G. Lynch, Google