Department of Brewology Feature: International Women’s Day

This post was originally published in 2018 to the Department of Brewology community as an International Women’s Day Feature.

“I have had a lot to overcome in my life, so I've felt the need to be particularly strong and great at the things I do. I used to be afraid of femininity because I thought it was the opposite of strength. I'm walking through understanding that femininity and weakness aren't synonymous, or even opposites, they're just entirely unrelated to each another. I'm learning to lean into that femininity instead of deflecting it, and I'm learning to enjoy taking pride in how I was made.
Now, I like hosting people in my home, and cooking for them. I like mothering people, and I want them to feel taken care of by me. And this – designing and owning a coffee shop in the southeast – feels like I'm inviting people into my home all day long, taking care of them, and serving them. There is strength to be found in serving others.” - Courtney Hilley, Owner & Manager, Chaleur Method Brew + Espresso.