Colombia La Ventolera Honey – Santa Bárbara (Single-Origin) – Whole Bean

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About this coffee:

ORIGIN: Santa Bárbara, Antioquia, Colombia
FARM: La Ventolera
VARIETY: Yellow Colombia.
ELEVATION: 1900 - 1950 m.
PROCESS: Pulped Natural ("Honey" Process)
FERMENTATION: Acetic, Lactic.

Felipe Trujillo operates under the name Véntola Coffee from Santa Bárbara, Antioquia, Colombia. He is a 4th generation coffee producer, and took over from his father full-time about six years ago. He brought his engineering expertise from the university to the farm, and implemented some strategies to improve the flavor and quality of the coffee. The international coffee price was in the middle of a 12 year decline at that moment, and the Trujillos realized they needed to implement some changes in order to keep the farm operational.

Years later, he’s refined his fermentation techniques to become an industry leader in Colombia. Honeys, naturals, extended fermentations, anaerobic, etc… all words not thought possible in Colombia, even a few years ago.

Felipe operates two farms in Santa Bárbara by the names of La Ventolera (windy point) and a short walk down the road, Los Pinos (the pines). In total, he has around 190,000 trees. He cultivates a number of varieties, but the vast majority are the castillo and colombia varieties, both developed by agronomists at the National Coffee Federation in Colombia over the last two decades. These cultivars have a trace percentage of robusta DNA, which helps them remain resistant to leaf diseases that have ravaged other parts of Latin America. For the honey process, he’s chosen to utilize only the yellow colombia variety, which has some light and bright tropical fruit characteristics that work well with a less intrusive fermentation process, such as the honey.

We taste: 

Apricot, Golden Raisin, Lime
Light Roast.

Important Notes:

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