Jubilee (Blend for Espresso or Filter) – Whole Bean

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About this coffee:

JUBILEE // Tropical Fruit, Juicy, Sweet

Jubilee is our tribute to that which is rare, exciting, and worthy of celebration. It’s named after a natural phenomenon we are home to on Mobile Bay, where fishermen experience a sudden and massive influx of fish in low-tide areas; this results in catching up to hundreds of flounder, crabs, or other seafood in just a few hours. It’s caused by low oxygen in the water driving fish to shore, and Jubilee are only thought to happen on such a large scale in two places on Earth: Mobile Bay in Alabama and Tokyo Bay in Japan. These events usually happen annually in summertime – sometimes multiple times, and anecdotally it’s said to happen on an even larger scale every seven years.

Jubilee is a vibrant summer blend that seems to transcend many expectations of what coffee is. We use some of our finest, fruitiest coffees to create this exciting blend, and just like the Jubilee phenomenon, it’s only here for a short time. We are also excited by the parallels of Japan’s role in the advent of craft coffee, and their connection to our city through Jubilee.

It’s recommended for drinking black, brewing as an iced pour over and sipping on the porch, or experimenting with as a bright and fruity espresso for tiki espresso cocktails.

We taste: 

Tropical Fruit, Juicy, Sweet
Light Roast.

Important Note:

We roast every Tuesday and Friday for online orders; any orders placed before 6 PM on a given Monday will be roasted and shipped out the following day (Tuesday). Any orders placed between 6 PM on Monday and 6PM on a given Thursday will be roasted and shipped out the following day (Friday).

In other words, 6PM the day before a roast day is our cutoff for that roast day. We are happy to answer any questions about our roast schedule at info@chaleur.coffee! 

Also, please note that all coffees will ship whole bean. We aren't set up with the means to grind commercially for orders, but for locals we are happy to grind single bags at our roastery.