La Maison (House Blend for Espresso or Filter) – Whole Bean

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About this coffee:

When we approached our blend, we wanted a coffee with the bright, fruity notes we love in many lighter roasts, but with enough body to hold up in drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. It's lovely as an espresso, with a chocolatey body and syrupy, sweet finish. On filter, its brightness shines, but its body still holds up with a small amount of cream or sugar without tasting funky or sour. We recommend this blend for espresso, filter/batch brew, and pour over. 

Current Blend:
35% Guatemala Ixlama
 (Washed), 50% Colombia Popayán Fair Trade Organic (Washed), 15% Ethiopia Gedeb (Natural).

We taste: 

Chocolate, Syrupy, Dried Fruit.
Medium-Light Roast.

Important Note:

We roast every Monday and Thursday for online orders; any orders placed before 6 PM on a given Sunday will be roasted and shipped out the following day (Monday). Any orders placed between 6 PM on Sunday and 6PM on a given Wednesday will be roasted and shipped out the following day (Thursday).

In other words, 6PM the day before a roast day is our cutoff for that roast day. We are happy to answer any questions about our roast schedule at! 

Also, please note that all coffees will ship whole bean. We aren't set up with the means to grind commercially for orders, but for locals we are happy to grind single bags at our roastery.