About Chaleur

The Story


Chaleur was inspired by French specialty shops, and seeks to awaken a passion for our city’s heritage – particularly as a French settlement. That’s why our guest roaster menu consistently offers Belleville, a roaster from Paris whose coffee was in the cafes that inspired us. We want to introduce our city to a piece of where it came from, as well as provide something that makes us uniquely “us.”



The Coffee

We believe that if you don’t like black coffee, maybe you just haven’t tried the right one yet.

Because of the differences in climate, elevation, and soil quality where the coffee plant is grown, coffees grown in different regions of the globe can have notably distinct flavors. We roast our coffee in a way that brings out these inherent flavors, rather than dark-roasting and covering up what makes each coffee unique. Our cafe seeks out responsibly-sourced coffees, and strives to roast and brew them in a way that honors the hard work that was put in by those who farmed it.



The Team

 Frequently referring to themselves as “accidental business owners,” Courtney and Christian Hilley have passions that often lead them to want to start something, anything – which sometimes means putting on the hat of a business owner. Their previous endeavors include writing music together under the pseudonym Eleanor, and founding a small arts and living magazine called Bellum as an outlet to showcase southern creative writing, art, photography, and storytelling. Although Chaleur is their current focus, their other two projects are still very much a part of who they consider themselves to be – artists first, business owners second.