Galette Des Rois

King Cake as we know it is said to have been brought to the US in the 1870s, but it's much different from the original, which dates back to 14th century France. We've pulled this original king cake out of the French patisserie cookbooks to bring it to the original home of Mardi Gras. 

Galette Des Rois Pastry

The original French king cake, or as the French would say, Galette Des Rois, is a flaky, hand-decorated pastry filled with a creamy almond frangipane and fruit filling. Served in France from Epiphany through the month of January, these cakes are made in reference to the kings who brought gifts to the baby Christ. Instead of a plastic baby, you’ll find a small almond fève inside. If you’re the lucky finder, the traditions vary—either you’re the king or queen for the day, or you have to bring next year’s galette des rois.

Our take on this traditional specialty treat includes a few ingredient “nods” to the American king cake, making ours different than any other you’ll enjoy.

Galette Des Rois Pastries

Not your average king cake.

These King Cakes are probably pretty different from what you may be used to. Sweet, but not overly sweet. Decorated, but in a more subtle way. Flaky, rather than fluffy or dense. We think you’ll like them a lot, especially with your favorite coffee on the side (we recommend pairing them with our Bienville Blend). 

Chef scoring pastry dough

How to Order

Since we permanently closed our cafe in Spring 2020, this year we've partnered with our friends at The Hope Farm in Fairhope to bring you everyone's favorite pastry of the year. Call 251 340 FARM to order either 6" single-serve galettes, or 12" pie-sized galettes to slice and serve. They're the exclusive purveyors of our original Galettes Des Rois, made to the same specifications we used at the cafe.


 Galette Des Rois pastry on cake stand